BTC Insight Seminar Program
BTC Logic's Insight Seminar Program is a series of one day seminars on topics like Cloud Computing that are designed to help professionals reach new levels of understanding and insight into harnessing the technology disruptions that enable an organization to scale for growth.

BTC Logic's courses are small-group events with ample time for interaction with the instructors and other participants.

Who Should Attend?

Technology newcomers and veterans across industries attend and we frequently welcome investors and analysts, as well as management teams from start-ups to mature Fortune 500 companies. Experienced professionals find the courses useful in expanding understanding outside of their particular area of expertise. Newcomers appreciate the comprehensive overview of disruptive technologies, as well as deepening their understanding of how their products or services fit in.

Who Leads the Seminars?

The Insight Seminars are led by experts from BTC Logic. All are seasoned industry veterans with deep expertise in their respective discipline from years of work at management consulting firms, creative agencies, banks, card networks, payments processors, software companies and technology firms.

Although the topics of the seminar are about harnessing the disruptive changes facing us, our partners also have experience to share in managing global systems and are familiar with the challenges and opportunities presented by trends such as Web 3.0 and Cloud Computing.

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